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The one-day L1 Kids Teaching Module as a professional training module to further the skills and knowledge of PMBI Level 1 Instructors, specifically for teaching kids.

This training module is perfect for Level 1 Instructors working regularly for kids mountain bike programs.

Instructors will spend the day exploring the Level 1 content in more detail, as it relates to kids. More time will be spent discussing the different teaching considerations for the different physical and mental conditions of each specific age group.

Instructors will see and practice different kids teaching scenarios as well as explore trail and guiding options for each specific age group.

The training module also includes a one year membership to the PMBIA and provides access to all the PMBIA Course Materials and L1 Kids Teaching Worksheet.


  • Learn more about teaching kids. If you’re a Level 1 instructor and plan to teach kids programs a lot, this training module is ideal.
  • Improve the safety of your lessons. Learn more about guiding kids on suitable terrain, given their age, size and physical capabilities.
  • Make your lessons more fun! There’s lots more to teaching kids than simply “playing games”. If they are riding bikes and improving, they’ll be having fun. Learn to deliver the best lessons in the best way for each age group, so your kids keep coming back for more!
  • Learn from the best. The PMBI Course Conductors will work with you on your own riding and demonstrating techniques, helping you feel better on the bike, while providing friendly feedback on your practice teaching, so you can deliver the best possible learning experience to the kids your teaching.

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  • PMBI Level 1 Certification
  • Completed L1 Kids Teaching Worksheet (available upon registration)
  • Confident riding at trail speed on technical, intermediate terrain, including green, blue and “light” black trails.
  • A minimum of 36 months mountain biking experience.
  • 40hr Wilderness First Aid Certification, or equivalent, strongly recommended (but not required to take the course)
  • The minimum age for the L1 Kids Teaching Module is 15 years old. However, the PMBIA does recommend instructors younger than 17, work with an assistant coach of age to help deal with any personal, first aid or emergency situations, should they arise.


Pre-course preparation is the best way to get the most out of the course, prepare and learn as much as you can during the course. Please allow plenty of time to read the materials and complete the worksheet.

L1 KIDS TEACHING WORKSHEET: Candidates must complete the L1 Kids Worksheet (at the back of the course booklet), prior to the course commencing.

This worksheet acts as your “written assessment” portion of the course. Please print or copy (handwritten is fine) this worksheet, along with your answers and submit to the course conductor on the morning of DAY ONE of the course. Alternatively, you can email your worksheet to the course conductor, when you meet them on the morning of day 1.

L1 KIDS TEACHING BOOKLET: This provides an outline of the one day course, including the agenda and summary of the key information and workshops presented during the course.

To view these items, go to ‘Course Materials’ once you login into the Members Area of the website, after you have registered for the course.

To login to the Members Area, you will need to use the email address and password you used to register for the course. Please keep these login details for private use only.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-check-circle” add_icon=”true” title=”Assessment” tab_id=”assessment”][vc_column_text]


As a previously certified PMBI Level 1, candidates will not have to “re-test” during the L1 Kids Teaching Training Module. As a training module, it is purely a professional development course to improve your existing knowledge to help better adapt your lessons to working with kids.

However, there will be a performance review at the end of the day, to provide feedback on any areas for improvement in your riding, guiding and teaching skills. Examples of the Level 1 Riding and Teaching Standards, are here.


Below are some of the main examples of the riding and teaching skills required on the PMBI Level 1 course. Candidates should be able to guide students safely, while effectively teaching using the PMBI Skill System, teaching models and terminology.

  • Consistent Position & Balance skills through the ‘Climbing”, “Neutral” and “Ready” Positions, combined with a good range of movement.
  • Consistently maintains an efficient cadence and straight chain line
  • Can brake without skidding on loose terrain, using both brakes.
  • Consistent trail scanning for smooth, efficient riding.
  • Can begin to show bike-body separation through some angulation and rotation skills.
  • Climbing and descending on technical, single track (strong intermediate) terrain
  • Banked and flat corners on various terrain surfaces
  • Maintain chosen line in technical (rooty/rocky/uneven) terrain
  • Front & rear wheel lifts – standing
  • Seated front wheel lift, using a pedal stroke (very basic wheelie)
  • Switchbacks – slow, tight turns
  • Basic ladder bridges/raised trails
  • Prioritizes safety and guiding over teaching, at all times.
  • Consistent use of Lesson Format & Training Wheel for well structured, safe and effective lessons.
  • Clearly Explain & Demonstrate techniques
  • Choose safe, appropriate terrain for student Practice
  • Assess students and provide positive, simple feedback to continue learning
  • Can begin to use the “I.D.E.A Progression” to improve organization and delivery to lessons.
  • Basic mechanics: adjusting a bike to fit, suspension sag and rebound set-up, flat tires, broken chains, replacing brake pads, adjusting headsets, correct cleaning and maintenance.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-question-circle” add_icon=”true” title=”FAQ” tab_id=”faq”][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1562186046986{padding-top: 50px !important;}”]Please read through the details below for information on common questions, before emailing us:

  • GENERAL QUESTIONS – age, first aid requirements, rain, never taught before, etc.
  • COURSE LOGISTICS – booking travel, times, weather, lunch, first aid requirements and equipment.


No. While the PMBIA strongly recommends all instructors be a minimum 40hr Wilderness/Outdoor First Aid certified before working as an instructor or guide, you do not need a first aid certificate, prior to participating in the course.
Yes, the course runs rain or shine. Mountain bike instructors and guides work in the outdoors. If clients want to ride in the rain or heat, within reason, the instructor or guide has to. With the exceptions of extreme weather and/or lightning, the course runs so make sure you have dressed appropriately and have spare clothes if required. Spare socks and gloves go a long way on rainy, cold days.


PMBI courses require minimum numbers to run and while most courses do run, some do not. It is therefore very important you do not make any travel arrangements until the course is confirmed to be happening. Simply registering for a course is not a confirmation that the course will ultimately run.
Course times vary by location but typically start at 8.45am and finish close to 4.30pm. Be ready to ride for three days, regardless of the weather. Please be punctual. We will take up to an hour for lunch each day, between approximately 12pm – 1pm. Please bring food, or money for food, depending on course location.
The L1 Kids Teaching Modules are held in cross country trail networks (e.g. Lost Lake Trails, Whistler). Modern helmet and gloves essential, knee pads optional. A good working cross country or modern enduro bike is ideal. Downhill bikes will NOT be suitable for this course.
You will need to bring the following things…

  • pen and paper
  • small backpack to carry these things…
    • spare tubes and puncture kit
    • tire levers and pump
    • multitool and chain tool
    • rain jacket/spare clothes based on weather
    • water & snacks
    • lunch, or money for lunch

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Please note, the PMBI Level 1 is a mandatory requirement before registering for the L1 Kids Teaching Module

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